We were so inspired by the Pass The Brush challenge that we got (virtually) together for a Victorian version! The clips progress chronologically thru the 1800’s. My clip (starting 3:57) features my early 1880's ballgown, which I made for my wedding. My wife picked all the fabrics, and it's my absolute favorite 🤗

Thank you Caitlin for spearheading this lovely project, and Noelle for wrangling me into it. Check out their beautiful work on Youtube and Instagram, along with the other talented ladies (info in video description!)

An interactive, choice-based adventure, in which you are an archaeologist searching for evidence of an ancient device that has baffled historians since its discovery.


Episode 1 details your mission, introduces potential companions, and presents you a choice: which specialist will accompany you on your expedition?


I will write the next episode based on the poll results! Story is my own. Historical figures referenced are researched to the best of my abilities, and I do my best to honor them. All images used are free use photos acquired from Pixabay.