• M.K. Beutymhill

World Anvil Writing Contest

Some exciting opportunities for Iron Sharpens Iron, my flintlock fantasy that's been entered in World Anvil and Kyanite Publishing's writing contest! For those unfamiliar, World Anvil is a unique campaign managing platform where world builders, DM's, writers, artists, etc. can organize their lore, so the contest by nature encourages stories built off RP's. Which is so perfect, because I have been itching to write about my little runaway gnome since we started our current D&D campaign.

So here we are, with Iron Sharpens Iron, wherein the city celebrates the launch of the Bravado, a battle-ready airship engineered by an enclave of enslaved gnomes. In a risky bid for freedom, overly-ambitious Caileth has committed the unforgivable by wielding magic against her masters and absconding with the airship's schematics. She's barely set foot outside the compound before the alarm is raised, and she'll have to move quickly before the smugglers who have spotted her cash her in for a hefty reward.

The novelette covers one-half of the first session I played with Caileth's character. I couldn't quite tell you why I felt compelled to play a gnome...only that she kick-started my deep love for the little nuggets. Gnomes are considered an uncommon race in D&D, and ho damn, do they get a metric ton of hate online. Which I just don't understand. Gnomes. Are. HILARIOUS. Let go of the illusions of elegant, unrivaled badassery in - may I remind the haters - this game of make-believe, because gnomes are hard-wired for shenanigans. And that chaos is part of what makes compelling stories.

Iron Sharpens Iron can be read for free on World Anvil's contest page. If you enjoy it, do consider giving it a LIKE, so that it will be considered for their upcoming anthology, as well as a more thorough book deal through Kyanite Publishing. Voting is open until September 21st.

Simplest way to VOTE on IRON SHARPENS IRON! 1. Create account at World Anvil & register (they won't spam your email!)

2. Create My World 3. Click Community (on left), click Challenges. 4. Click "Take Part" on the World Anvil Anthology. 5. Scroll down to find and click on the IRON SHARPENS IRON banner. 6. Click LIKE button at bottom.

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