M.K. Beutymhill writes historically informed steampunk, flintlock fantasy, & speculative historical fiction.

She is currently seeking representation.


“He is the man who knows everything, and never dies.” ~ Voltaire

Isabella Cooper-Oakley is a woman ahead of her time. Raised abroad by English dignitaries in the late 1800’s, she’s headstrong and driven by innate curiosity for theosophic endeavors - especially when it comes to the mysterious 18th century alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain. Rumored to be the ‘Immortal Count’, he left an impression upon everyone he encountered, challenging science and reason as if a man ahead of his own time.


When Isabella becomes convinced she and her husband John have met the Count nearly a century after his reported death, she endeavors to prove that he hoards ancient knowledge. Nevermind that those who’d investigated his origins before her all shared an uncanny tendency to flounder. Risking her life, her resources, and possibly her marriage to her quest, Isabella will cross space and time to discover St. Germain’s secrets.


Originally published as an excerpt for the Fairfield Scribes’ time travel anthology, A Peculiar Count In Time is a novella currently under consideration.

"Like the snap of a lady's fan...the author's writing is elegant, to the point, a little flirtatious, and just really, really fun."

~ Goodreads review



Born a serf, Mireczka wants the freedom to build her future. Tricky business for an engineer living as a refugee in fae territory, where druidic mandates have banned all technology apart from steam power. Old prejudices fuel the suppression of her innovative people, and the codex Mireczka smuggled from the home country isn’t just illegal - it’s dangerous in the wrong hands. Yet it’s all that remains of the kin and legacy she left behind.


Passing herself off as a simple prizefighter, she’s managed to elude those still in search of her, or so she believes. Amid rumors of the fae’s declining magic, Mireczka is contracted into the employment of the politically volatile Comte Derrington, a man who has a hand in as many intrigues as he has enemies. When Mireczka is besought by a notorious vigilante seeking to expose a scandal within the druidic order, she has the chance to vindicate her people and reunite with the woman she loves...but only if she can stop running from her war-ravaged past long enough to bargain the secrets within the codex.


From the Artificer's Cookbook ​ 

~1 uptight sneak-thief who fleeced the wrong guys. 
~1 unseelie spellsmith, a natural harbinger of chaos. 
~1 valkyrian mercenary bearing an inconvenient curse. 
~1 gnomish engineer, preferably run-away from powerful masters for best impact.

Bring the coastal city of Artane to a boil over medium heat by launching the Bravado. a battle-ready airship engineered by an enclave of valuable, yet despised gnomes enslaved by the Baronet. Allow your gnome to simmer until she escapes with the warship's schematics.
For extra boom-pow, raise the alarm to ensure all the wrong people spot her during this treasonous act. There’s sure to be a hefty reward for her capture when this bomb goes off, and a group of smugglers known as the Laurels want in on the payday.
Add sneak-thief, spellsmith, and mercenary to the mixture; seal tightly, and shake until well-blended across imperial borders, fae byways, and clockwork cities. In this recipe for disaster, four misfits will have to learn how to work together if they're ever going to get out of hot water.

Grand Prize winner of the World Anvil and Kyanite Publishing writing contest!