September 26-28, 2019
What Makes A Villain? Join the authors and editors of the Fairfield Scribes as they discuss what makes villains so fascinating, and why they chose to feature them in their upcoming publication, DON'T BE A HERO: A VILLAINTHOLOGY. I will read a brief excerpt from my high-seas misadventure, DARE YE CRY MERCY, in which 17th century privateers are hunted by vengeful merfolk.
March 22-24, 2019
M.K. Beutymhill will be featured in two fashion shows at the annual steampunk convention!
Do stop by the Author's Salon or the ballroom to say hello and catch a waltz!
 October 1, 2018 

Award-winning best-seller When To Now: A Time Travel Anthology,  is available for purchase in your favorite formats. An excerpt from M.K. Beutymhill's novella, A Peculiar Count In Time, is featured within this collection of short stories.

TBA, 2020
Originally published as an excerpt for the Fairfield Scribes’ 2018 time travel anthology, A Peculiar Count In Time will be released as a novella September 1st, 2019!
"Like the snap of a lady's fan...the author's writing is elegant, to the point, a little flirtatious, and just really, really fun." ~ Goodreads review