About the Author

​​As a shy, awkward kid, M.K. Beutymhill adored Victorian charm, fairy tales, and RPG's, none of which she ever outgrew. A stubborn independent streak introduced contact sports to this cocktail while surviving Charm City (balance is good, amirite, my ladythugs and gentledudes?). This juxtaposition between the whimsical and the visceral is present in her tales, where fantasy and science often collide into genre-blending steampunk, flintlock fantasy, or speculative historical fiction.

When not writing - or daydreaming about writing - M.K. Beutymhill is likely adventuring across the Pacific northwest, training martial arts, cosplaying at conventions and faires, or getting her waltz fix at local dance events. She's an author and editor with the Fairfield Scribes, as well as a proud member of the Avenger's Initiative, a cosplay community outreach organization.