"Like the snap of a lady's fan...the author's writing is elegant, to the point, a little flirtatious, and just really, really fun."

~ Goodreads review

As a shy, awkward kid, M.K. Beutymhill adored Victorian charm, fairy tales, and RPG gaming - none of which she ever outgrew. Over time, contact sports and work abroad balanced her out into a proper ladythug, and she now writes genre-blending fantasy about adventure, discovery, and other badassery. 

Her clockpunk fantasy novelette, Iron Sharpens Iron, was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner for the World Anvil Anthology, and her Victorian time travel adventure, A Peculiar Count In Time, has been featured in When To Now: A Time Travel Anthology, A Twist In Time Magazine, and has recently been adapted to the interactive, choice-based app Tales.

With a first name no one can spell and a last name no one can pronounce, M.K. Beutmyhill is likely to be found exploring the wild with the love of her life on their two-wheeled vroom-vrooms.