“He is the man who knows everything, and never dies.” ~ Voltaire

Isabella Cooper-Oakley is a woman ahead of her time. Raised abroad by English dignitaries in the late 1800’s, she’s headstrong and driven by innate curiosity for theosophic endeavors - especially when it comes to the mysterious 18th century alchemist, the Comte de St. Germain. Rumored to be the ‘Immortal Count’, he left an impression upon everyone he encountered, challenging science and reason as if a man ahead of his own time.


When Isabella becomes convinced she and her husband John have met the Count nearly a century after his reported death, she endeavors to prove that he hoards ancient knowledge. Nevermind that those who’d investigated his origins before her all shared an uncanny tendency to flounder. Risking her life, her resources, and possibly her marriage to her quest, Isabella will cross space and time to discover St. Germain’s secrets.


Originally published in When To Now: A Time Travel Anthology, A Peculiar Count In Time is currently a serialized release through Twist In Time magazine.


Grand Prize winner of the World Anvil & Kyanite Publishing writing contest, D&D inspired IRON SHARPENS IRON is featured in this anthology releasing November 20, 2020. Pre-orders available here!

The coastal city of Artane celebrates the launch of the Bravado, a battle-ready airship engineered by an enclave of deplored, yet highly valuable gnomes enslaved by the Baronet.


In a risky bid for freedom, the ambitious gnomish artificer Caileth endeavors to escape to the free city of Theowich, but she's barely set foot outside of the compound before the alarm is raised. Not only has she already been spotted by sneakthieves looking for quick paydays, but she's inadvertently run off with the Bravado's classified schematics. As search efforts escalate, Caileth will have to move quickly if she's not to be cashed in for a hefty reward.